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Minimally Invasive Surgery.

One of the most significant advancements in modern orthopedic medicine is arthroscopy. An orthopedic surgeon trained in arthroscopy can simultaneously evaluate, diagnose, and repair soft tissue injuries. Some of the most common injuries treated with arthroscopy include ligament and tendon tears in the knee, shoulder, elbow, and ankle.

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Foot & Ankle

At Legacy, our foot and ankle doctors are trained in treating even the most complex foot and ankle conditions. He uses the latest methods of diagnosis and treatment available, including the latest medications, braces, and orthotics, to help patients get back on their feet. If surgery is necessary, our leading-edge, minimally invasive procedures reduce a patient’s hospital stay and recovery time. These groundbreaking surgeries include minimally invasive bunion surgery, Achilles tendon repair, flat foot repair, total ankle replacement, and more.

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Joint Replacement

Modern medicine + technology.

Joint replacement is constantly advancing to make a better joint replacement that feels and functions like a natural joint. Our talented orthopedic surgeons have specialized experience in joint replacement procedures for the hip, knee, and shoulder. We take the time to explain what to expect from a joint replacement. We also follow up with our patients after surgery regularly to make sure the replacement is working as expected.

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Sports Medicine

Legacy Orthopedics takes excellent care of athletes, no matter your age or skill level. Getting hurt can be a minor setback if it is a muscle strain or ankle sprain. However, when a severe injury occurs, the expertise of a sports medicine doctor should be considered. At Legacy Orthopedics, our doctors have specific training to treat sports and fitness injuries, including the use of arthroscopy procedures when necessary.

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